Groupon Information

Here you’ll find some information and answers to come commonly asked questions about the Groupon deal offered from March 12-14, 2012. (Valid through January 16, 2013.)

I’m purchasing this Groupon deal as a gift. Is there anything special that you do for when I give it to the¬†recipient?

  • Yes, actually. If you’d like, I’m more than willing to make a little certificate stating the terms of the Groupon deal personalized for the recipient. I can make it without any Groupon information as well, so they will not know how much that you paid for it. This is a free service that I provide for Groupon clients.

How is the Easter Session Package different from the regular ones?

  • The only real difference is in the time frame. All other sessions are normally 1-2 hours in duration while the Easter one is timed at 45 minutes. You’ll still get some awesome images, more awesome client service, and access to the most awesome products around.

What is the Digital Display Disc that’s included with the Groupon offer?

  • The Digital Display Disc is all of the images formatted for use online or any digital display medium. This includes Facebook, personal computers, and e-mail. It does not include a Limited Copyright Reprint License (a print release.) For printing your own images, you’ll require a High Resolution Disc.

Can I make prints from the Digital Display Disc included with the Groupon offer?

  • You are not able to make prints from the Digital Display Disc. For reprint purposes, you’ll require the High Resolution Disc which is included with higher level package investments (more details below.)

OK, so I would like the High Resolution Disc. How much does it cost?

  • The High Resolution Disc can be attained by upgrading your initial session investment (can be done at the time of the session,) or through an additional investment afterwards. If you choose to upgrade your session investment, see the chart below. If you’d like to purchase it afterwards, the investment is $600 +tax.

Do you offer any other products, or do I need the High Resolution Disc if I would like to get some prints made?

  • I do offer a fairly wide range (and extremely awesome) line of products including Legacy Prints, Fine Art Prints, Framed Shadow Mounts, Framed Canvas Heirloom Prints, Session Albums, and more. At the time of our session, you’ll get an information packet that includes all the details that you need about everything that’s available to you. Also, just about all of my products are archival in quality and include my Lifetime Quality Guarantee – if your product ever naturally fades or becomes discolored, I will replace it free of charge. The memories contained in the products are meant to last for generations, and now the products do too.

Your “A Life Remembered Program” sounds amazing, is there a Groupon offer for that???

  • While I am not offering a discount through Groupon for the A Life Remembered Program, you can redeem your groupon for $300 off the lifetime membership investment into the program if you’d like. For more details about everything that the program entails, just click here.

Below is a little table showing session investment upgrade options. Note: for the Easter Photography Package, the session duration is 45 min. (instead of 1-2 hours.) Senior photography sessions also include a yearbook image with each session. No matter if you choose to remain with the session or upgrade, you’ll still receive all the prints included with the Groupon deal.


What are sessions like with you?

  • First and foremost, sessions are meant to be extremely fun. Instead of posing, I prefer to capture images with real emotions and sincere expressions. I will not be asking you to “Say cheese!” during the session. When you see your smiles in the images, you’ll know that they are real and your image is an actual reflection of your unique story and character.

I have another question that’s not answered here.

  • Feel free to contact me, or ask a question through the groupon ‘ask a question’ functionality. I’ll respond as soon as possible.