Andrea and Rohit

I previously posted these two’s engagement photos, and now I get to show you how awesome their wedding was. It took place at a fantastic little vineyard, and despite the heat, everything was totally awesome. See some of the photos below:

Tony & Hillary

This was was absolutely fantastic. Not just because I know Tony & Hillary from college, but because it was all extremely fun. Check out a few of the photos below:

Zach and Mikayla

This wedding was absolutely phenomnomnominal. Awesome people, fantastic wedding, and jello shots. I snagged a few photos during the day – some of which you can see here:

Rosie & Teresa

This was an awesome wedding, with a great group, and an amazing band. I’m not good with words, but I did post a few photos from the day below.

Joe & Zibby

Joe and Elizabeth are an awesome couple who had an awesome wedding. There are some awesome photos below.