Bartley, NE

I would like to introduce to you my grandparents: Elmer and Wilma Zeller. At 96 and 87, they are the youngest-at-heart couple in Bartley, NE – a half-mile town in southwest Nebraska of about 300 simple living folk.

Besides for WWII, when the newlywed Zeller family traveled the world with Elmer in the Army, the two have lived in or near Bartley all of their lives.

They spend most of their time indoors now. Reading and puzzles are their main past time. But nonetheless, they enjoy themselves. After a life like theirs, they’ve earned some time to relax.

When they did go outside more, they had a chance to check out the simple land that surrounded them.

I also had a chance to watch the sunset while visiting my great-grandparents at the Bartley Cemetery.

If you happen to need somewhere to just relax, check out the clouds and listen to the breeze; stop by Bartley, NE.

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